Eventsponsoring zählt neben dem Sportlersponsoring zu den Königsklassen der Werbung. Dieser Vorteil bietet sich auch im Skisprungweltcup. Durch die hohen TV-Einschaltzahlen, das große Interesse sowie die breite demographische Streuung ist Skisprung der ideale Markentransporteur.


He donates the fake pairs and then the guy at the Goodwill thinks they're real and buys them at thrift price to flip at resell. and they're in the market. Never ending circle. As long as it's 1: 1 great materials and craftsmanship idc what I'm buying as long as it's between 0 & regular retail


For replicas travis scott jordan 1 lows, do they have US size 13


I would wear fake Jordan's any day